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X-KD's 1015 - Clear lenses sunglasses

X-KD's 1015 - Clear lenses sunglasses

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Comfort and Style for Fashion-Conscious Athletes

Discover the X-KD's 1015 sunglasses with their elegant black frame and clear transparent lenses for a sophisticated and versatile look. These sunglasses are ideal for athletes and adventurers looking for comfortable, protective, and stylish accessories during their outdoor activities. Ready to elevate your sports gear?

Dimensions of X-KD's Sunglasses:

  • Total height: 3.5 cm
  • Total width: 14.6 cm
  • Lens width: 5.1 cm

The X-KD's 1015 offer superior coverage and comfort compared to classic KD's, with an acetate frame reinforced with wireframe ensuring lightness and durability. The clear transparent high-quality polycarbonate lenses, compliant with ANSI Z80.3 standards, provide suitable protection for indoor use or in low-light conditions. The slim, elongated arms fit perfectly under a motorcycle, ski, or any other sports helmet requiring protection. Each pair comes with a microfiber pouch for convenient and secure transport.

Choose the X-KD's 1015 sunglasses for their timeless design. The black frame and clear transparent lenses will offer you an elegant and versatile look during your indoor sports activities or in low-light conditions.

Don't wait any longer, order your X-KD's 1015 sunglasses now and add a touch of sophistication to your sports gear!

Free delivery

Whether you're a West Coast biker or an Alpine skier, KD's has the perfect pair for you.

And the best part?

Free shipping anywhere in the world. Wherever you are, your KD's are just a click away.

UV protection

We know that your outdoor adventures demand the best protection.

That's why every pair of our sunglasses is equipped with high-quality polycarbonate lenses that offer reliable protection from harmful UV rays.

Our ANSI Z80.3 compliant lenses provide uncompromising safety so you can enjoy your outdoor activities.

Microfiber pouch

Each pair comes in a microfiber pouch.

Practical and stylish, this pouch keeps your KD's clean, safe and ready for your next getaway.

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Why are KD's sunglasses the
#1 in the US ?

1. Proven quality

Created in 1950, KD's sunglasses have stood the test of time with their impeccable quality.

Their high-quality polycarbonate lenses offer reliable protection against harmful UV rays, in accordance with ANSI Z80.3.

2. Specific design

The slim, elongated arms of the KD's / X-KD's frame have been specially designed to fit easily under a helmet, making them ideal for bikers and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

3. Cultural Recognition

KD's were made famous by bikers on the West Coast of the United States and were popularized by the Sons of Anarchy series.

Their presence in American popular culture contributes to their number one status.

4. Variety of models

KD's come in two models,

the classic "KD's" and the 20% larger "X-KD's", which offers a variety of choices for all tastes and body types.

Each classic KD's model is also available in X-KD's.

5. Exceptional value for money

KD's sunglasses are built to stand the test of time.

With wire-reinforced acetate frames, they offer uncompromising durability and protection. This exceptional quality, combined with an affordable price, makes KD's a great value for money for anyone looking for reliable, stylish sunglasses.

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