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Sunglasses KD's smoked lenses, matte black frame posed in front of a mirror.

Tame the sun with the rebellious soul of the KDs.

Discover the history of KD's, the iconic sunglasses that have conquered the West Coast of the United States and beyond. Adopted by Jax Teller and members of the motorcycle club in the cult Sons of Anarchy series, these rugged and stylish glasses have become the symbol of a life full of adventure.

A jogger on a track running next to KD's sunglasses.

The Essence of Adventure and Innovation

With their lightweight and durable frame, the KD's and X-KD's fit perfectly under a motorcycle helmet, ski helmet, or for various sports. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, an intrepid athlete or simply looking for a unique style to enjoy the sun, these sunglasses are made for you.

KD's have won the hearts of bikers and athletes around the world, making them the most worn sunglasses on the West Coast of the United States. Today, they are also appreciated for their timeless style, suitable for all occasions.

Join the legacy of KD's and live the rebellious spirit that made it famous. Choose your pair and discover why KD's are so much more than just sunglasses

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Show off your style with the X-KD's frames 20% larger than the original KD's ! Designed to help you stand out without sacrificing your comfort !

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Ideal for outdoor activities !

What will be your KD's?

When it comes to eyewear, you can choose from several options, such as polarized lenses, tinted lenses, matt frames, shiny frames and smoked lenses.

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